Frequency: AM410

Tune in every weekday from 10am until 2pm on Radio 4, AM410!

Cast and Crew

MC: Skipp
Sidekicks: Walter the Wight, Forte the Undead Bunny Rabbit.

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Bogus Entertainment

Skipp's Slice™

Airs every weekday from 10am until 2pm on Radio 4.

Meet The Cast

If you'd like to come on out to the Bogus Entertainment™ corporate offices and meet the cast of Skipp's Slice™, the award winning kids' TV show, you'll get your chance!

Starting at 6am on December the 17th, you and your kids can meet the cast behind the smash hit TV show. Tickets start at $175.00.

Meet The Crew

Here at Skipp's Slice, we recognize that we wouldn't be as successful as we are without the help of our cast and crew! Meet them below:

  • Director of Photography
  • Producer
  • Producer of Cookies and Milk
  • Writer number 1
  • Writer number 2
  • Director

Aren't they just the greatest folks, ever? Let's give them a round of applause shall we? Wow! What a performance! Simply amazing. True professionals and clearly at the top of their respective games. Just amazing!