The Bogus Movie

Bogus Entertainment, Third Wheel Productions, Skipp's Slice, Bogus Productions, and Mordidly Doscile Pictures are proud to present our gut-wrenchingly bad B-movie!

Set in a post Apocolyptic World filled with Zombies, it it loaded with amazingly cheap thrills! It will chill you to the bone!

It slices! It dices! It can cut a tin can!

And gentleman, so that you can feel good about bringing your girl to see our movie, we've included (at no extra cost to you) a couple of tender, heart-warming moments sure to appeal to her movie-going needs.

This tale of six and a half brothers is set to hit theaters any weekend now!

Be the first on your block to see it! Tell your friends! Amaze your enemies! Don't forget to write!

Oh yeah, there is also a desperate search for lost survivors.

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Coming in 2012... bogus movie poster image