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The really neato flash logo above the great news alerts and snippets is not only a really cool looking swf file, but it's also a link back to the "home" page, or index.html page.

Some Browsers

As much as we'd all like for them to be the same, not all browsers are going to display this site or its assets properly. I'd suggest Firefox 3.6.xx, Google Chrome (though the swf link doesn't work), or even Apple's Safari. I would NOT recommend using IE 7, 8, or 9. Six is right out, and version 5 should have been deleted years ago.

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If the world didn't suck, we'd all probably fall right off.

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Mort the Steroid Enhanced Snail™

After taking a year off to visit his family in New Zealand, Mort the Steroid Enhanced Snail is back with Bogus and better than ever!

About Bogus Entertainment™

Actually, this is is going to focus on the various aspects of the site, in an "out-of-character" sort of way. I hope.

The site is basically made "in character"; I tried to make it as a web designer working for this company, using the absurd array of colors that the company has obviously decided to identify with, and run with it. Some of the pages are left unfinished on purpose; the radio page especially, just so I could use the old-school "off air" image that used to be broadcast on television (back when TV stations actually went off the air). I found it over on Wikipedia and it is under Public Domain (as noted on that page).

The movie poster I created in Photoshop, and it has about 5 million layers to it (okay, not really, more like 12, but it's still alot!). I tried to make it as generic-looking as I could; the snail down at the bottom was done in MS Paint by a friend specifcally for this project and is used with permission. His flag is supposed to say "Bogus", but in its final implementation that doesn't really come through. The "Bogus" part of the graphic is a transparent screenshot of the original, much larger Bogus.swf file, cropped and then pasted into the image on a new layer, with about 65% transparency. The other parts of the image are basically text-defined areas with varying color schemes and formatting.

So, I first thought of the basic concept of this site back in 1995 or so, though at that time the "end result" wasn't a web site, more a collection of writings that basically followed the (mis)adventures of this guy, Skipp, and how he builds an empire in the hopes of taking over the world.

His plans, of course, don't always come out the way he expects them to, and he often times finds himself in a position where he'll have some power (or so we're lead to believe) but can't really take advantage of it. Either his lawyers keep him in check, the funny farm is sent to collect him, or the kids -- basically kids that are cast by The Company to sit in the audience and at least act like they're having a good time -- don't cooperate the way he wants them to.

The Logo

Several years ago (9 or 9 years, now -- yes, 9 or 9) when Flash was, at least for me, starting to become more widely used, I decided to play with it to see if I could create a neat logo. I failed miserably. Thus, I decided to use a flash movie my friend Da_Dweeb made. It's simple, sure, but it turned out rather well; it has Bogus with the flipping letter, and some random white columns floating through. It is neato keen!

. .. .The Nav Bar

The navbar is created using an unordered list and styled using only CSS. The rollover images I created in Photoshop CS5.

. .. .Bogus Air

The images on this page were taken by me several years ago while I was on vacation to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. No, we aren't actually going to explode that pristine shoreline in order to build a new movie and television studio. But we are thinking about it, so you better get those subscription fees paid!

This page also contains an intentionally dead link to Bogus Entertainment's support services page. This is to showcase my site's 404 page, an example of which can be seen here.


The Bogus Header

You may have noticed that some of the pages have "Bogus Entertainment" at the top in red, almost wind-swept lettering. That is basically a very simple photoshop job with a black background, a text style template, and a larger font.

The Background Image

You may or may not have noticed it, but the left div and the container div both have the same background image; that of the white "lines" from the Bogus swf file, and I simply made them the background image to kind of give the pages a (zoomed in) "film frame" sort of look to them. I makes sense in my head!

I orinally had grand plans for this version of the site, but I've come to realize that I'm just not where I need to be with my Image Creation Skills or my HTML skills to be able to really do what I want with the site. I definitely plan on working on it more in the future as I take more classes.